Rechnungsverwalter - is a free software to create and manage invoices. With this program you can easily create not only invoices, but also any other necessary documents, for example: offers, order confirmations, orders, letters, bills of delivery, reminders. You can save all documents and invoices in pdf-format, print and send them via email directly from the program.

The current version of the software offers the following functionalities:

function of the programdescription
Create invoices Rechnungsverwalter makes it easy to create an invoice. You add just an invoice recipient (his full name and address) as well as the products / services and the document is ready to be printed.
Create documents The following documents can be easily created: offers, order confirmations, purchase orders, letters, reminders, bills of delivery. It is possible to define your own document types.
Invoice as a template for a new invoice In Rechnungsverwalter it is easy to duplicate an issued invoice or to create a new document from it.
Manage customers In Rechnungsverwalter you can easily maintain your customer data - names, addresses and contacts. In order to issue an invoice to one of your existing customers, you only need to select the customer from the list and its data is completely transferred to the new invoice.
Internet update service Rechnungsverwalter will automatically request for new updates from If new updates are available, they can be easily installed and the software is always up to date.
Ticket-System A ticket-system is in the software integrated. Support for any problems or questions is guaranteed.
Wizard-Assistent With the Wizard-Assistent are invoice templates easy to maintain.
Easy Installation Our Installation Manager supports you during the initial installation of the software. No special computer skills are required for the installation.
My addresses With this option it is possible to define several separate addresses in the settings. In a default setting is a standard address inserted, which can be replaced by another.
Text Templates Text blocks, which may include an invoice can be saved. By creating a new invoice, each text block can be easily inserted.
Methods of payment Users can create their own methods of payment. By creating a new invoice a standard entry will be automatically added.
Bank data Users can store more of their bank accounts. By creating a new invoice a standard entry will be automatically added.
Footers Users can define several separate footers. By creating a new invoice a standard entry will be automatically added.
Invoice items Your products and services that you place in your invoice are stored in a service catalog. It is enough to type a product or service name and a price to use this for all newly created accounts.
Maintenance of the invoice templates With minimal html-knowledge it is possible to include your own invoice templates in the program. If you want us to make this adaptation, we can offer a paid service for it, on request.
Shipping Service With this service you can automatically put your correspondence on the paper. This will save you the trip to the post.
VAT return Reporting in accordance with § 18UStG.
Import of invoices This module will provide an import function of your existing invoices from the other systems in Rechnungsverwalter. This allows you to create multiple invoices.
Email Sending With this function it is possible to send invoices directly from the program by e-mail.
Accounting record-keeping Support to accounting record-keeping.
Forum A forum for communication between users of the tool.
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